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Smart Thermostats Just Got Smarter

Meet our full line of products that keep you connected to your home comfort.

Wi-Fi Thermostat with 10 Sensors and Smart Maintenance

Comfort control from your phone.
$399 Installed*

Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat with 10 Sensors and Smart Maintenance

Comfort control in color.
$448 Installed*

ComfortGuard Sensors

Automated hvac performance check.
$299 Installed
* with rebates

How It Works

Ten sensors stream data to the cloud where your system's performance is analyzed and recorded - helping you stay ahead of maintenance issues before they arise.

10 Custom Sensors

10 Sensors are professionally installed on your furnace and air conditioner. These sensors stream data to the cloud over your home internet.

Real-Time Analysis for 6 Critical Alerts

If at any time your system experiences a major fault we will notify you of the issue so you can fix it before it gets worse.

Monthly Detailed Performance Analysis

Every month ComfortGuard will run your system through a series of detailed checks (similar to a technician's checks) and provide you and your contractor with a report of the results.

Complete Remote Maintenance Check

Voltage & Amperage
Indoor & Outdoor Coils
Proper Refrigerant Charge
Supply & Return Air Temperatures
Limit Switches
Condensate Drainage System
Electrical Connections
Contactors & Relays
Blower & Motor Assembly
Electric Strip Heaters
Filters & Pads
Thermostat Operation
Furnace Burner Checks
Compressor Operation

Benefits of Furnace and AC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is a standard part of ensuring a happy, healthy home. Below are just some of the benefits...

Promotes Healthy, Clean Air

Regular maintenance helps ensure you and your family are always breathing healthy, clean air in your home.

Lower Utility Costs

Because HVAC is a big consumer of gas and electricity, preventative maintenance can save up to 20% of your utility costs.

Helps Prevent Unexpected Failures

Regular checks helps ensure small problems are fixed quickly rather than escalating into major repairs.

Prolongs Equipment Life

Like a car with regular oil changes, HVAC maintenance helps ensure your system stands the test of time.

Real-Time Alerts

Keeping tabs on your AC's performance has never been easier.

Filter Should Be Checked or Replaced

Never forget to change your filter again. ComfortGuard will automatically tell you when your filter needs to be replaced to ensure your air is clean and healthy.

Water Detected

When a condensate switch is present, anytime the system detects water, the system will turn off and you will get an email notification.

Evaporator Coil Has Frozen

One of the most common causes for AC failure is freezing evaporator coils. Anytime this issue arises, you'll get a notification and be able to stop it from getting worse.

AC or Heat Pump Not Running Properly

Anytime your AC or Heat Pump fails to operate at its design capacity you and your contractor will be notified so you can correct the problem and save on utility bills.

Furnace Not Starting Consistently

Dust, debris, and normal wear and tear can often lead to furnaces that have trouble starting. With this alert you can stay ahead of the issue before the weather turns.

AC or Heat Pump Compressor Issue

As the most valuable component in your AC or Heat Pump, compressor issues can quickly become an expensive ordeal. This alert keeps you ahead of the problem.

Monthly System Performance Report

Maintaining your heater and air conditioner has never been this easy.

System Performance Overview

Every month you will get a report showing the summary of your system's performance for the prior month. 

System Runtime

See at a glance data on how many hours your AC and heating system ran in the prior month.

System Cost Estimate

Every time your system runs, ComfortGuard tracks the energy consumed and using local energy rates provides an estimate of how much it cost to run that month.

Summary of Open Alerts

Any time there is an open alert or issue, the monthly report shows that issue along with an easy to understand explanation of the issue.

Maintenance Plans

Finally a home maintenance plan that is convenient and affordable.
Service Plus Membership
Two scheduled in-person visits per year
Call 760-444-0464
12 automated HVAC performance checks per year
Call 760-444-0464
All the benefits of the Smart plan with one technician visit per year
Call 760-444-0464
Smart Thermostat
10 Smart Sensors
Remote Maintenance Checks
Up to 20% Energy Savings
Filter Reminders
50% Off Diagnostic/Trip Charge
20% Off Discount on Service/Repair
24-Hour Priority Service
Urgent System Alerts
Technician Visits

Smart Maintenance - A New Approach To HVAC Maintenance

Smart Maintenance Helps You Keep Your System Running Strong Without The Hassle of Scheduling A Visit
“I have peace of mind that my family's comfort is protected. If a problem occurs I'm given the right information at the right time to schedule a convenient repair and get on with my busy day.”

- Teri,Smart Maintenance Customer

Example Customer Journey

As a Smart Maintenance customer you always know how clean, healthy and safe your system is performing in addition to staying ahead of problems before they occur. 

First Checkup Report

January 2017

At time of installation, whether your HVAC system is brand new or 20 years old, ComfortGuard provides a complete performance check to ensure everything is running smoothly.

First Monthly Report

February 2017

After your system has run for at least a month you will receive a monthly performance report with system runtime and estimated run cost.

Check Filter Notification

April 2017

Whenever your system has run on the same filter long enough your system will notify you to check or replace the filter to keep the air healthy and clean.

Real-Time Alert


Whenever your system experiences a critical issue you will be emailed about the issue immediately with the likely cause and suggested recommendations to fix the issue.

Quality Install Verification

Getting a new HVAC system? Did you know that according to the US Department of Energy, nearly half of all new HVAC systems are installed incorrectly. This is like buying a new car that claims to get 50 mpg but after you buy it you only get 30-40 mpg. With ComfortGuard you can have the confidence that your system is installed correctly and you are getting the performance you paid for.

Correct Airflow Settings

Every furnace comes with multiple settings for airflow. Because fans come set by default at the highest setting they are often left in that setting even though a lower setting is often more efficient with no loss of comfort. ComfortGuard ensures your fan speed is set right from day one.

Proper Refrigerant Charge Levels

Refrigerant, like airflow settings, come with a default level from the manufacturer that is often left alone or tuned without proper pressures achieved. ComfortGuard helps technicians fine tune the refrigerant levels to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

Third-Party Verification

To meet EnergyStar Verified
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